Restoring A Property With Wood Finish Textured Vinyl

Owners of property of both a commercial and residential use will find that they are faced with many different questions and obstacles when it comes to restoration or refurbishment projects. Schedules and cost budgets will always be tight, whether you are running a small DIY project at home, or looking to restore a hotel, bar, restaurant or other commercial endeavour. One way in which you can keep down your costs whilst maintaining a high quality finish is to purchase and apply wood finish textured vinyl, for a décor that incorporates style and elegance.

Wood finish vinyl is a textured wall covering provides you with a clean and realistic finish to any surface that you are looking to add new life to. When refurbishing furniture and surfaces it can be difficult to work out exactly how to spruce things up in a way that is suitable to the project, without adding big bucks to your budget. Textured wall vinyl, especially those with a wood finish, offer you a creative way to add to your restoration project, leaving behind a stunning aesthetic for your property.

Refurbishing Old Furniture


Sometimes a restoration project all that you need to do to make a real difference to the property, is to refurbish old and tired looking furniture. If you take a table or chair that has suffered from natural wear and tear through years’ of use it can be hard to see it being restored. The initial thought might be to just throw it away and buy a new piece of furniture to replace it. Textured vinyl can be applied to a multitude of surfaces and there are many different types of effect that you can choose from. So you can choose to add a block colour of vinyl to a chair, or a bookcase effect through textured wallpaper against a wall. The solid wood finish vinyl provides an incredibly stylish feel to your property.

Adding textured wood vinyl to any surface provides a seamless finish. To the natural eye it looks as convincing as real wood, adding a pleasing visual stimulus to attract your visitors or guests, or just to supply you with a room in which to relax and enjoy if you are refurbishing your own home.

Durability of Wood Textured Vinyl


As you are replacing tired and worn out furniture and covering torn and frayed surfaces, you might be wondering about how long your new surfaces and furniture will last for once you have completed the project. With that in mind it is important to understand how well textured vinyl will cope. The first thing to know is that the application process is fast and simple, meaning that you can restore your furniture and surfaces in a much faster fashion than through traditional restoration means. High quality wood textured vinyl is durable, lasting for years without cracking or fading naturally.

There are a number of benefits to using wood finish textured vinyl for your restoration needs. Whether you are restoring a commercial or residential property, and covering surfaces or furniture, it offers an elegant and durable material to complete your project.


Content written by Patricia Groves