Quality Protection For Your Dinner Table

The feeling of annoyance when a careless individual places a glass on an uncovered surface is one that surpasses many.  Quality coasters and placemats can help remove this problem.


There are lots of reasons why one might want to invest in coasters and placemats.  Perhaps they’re something that will complement a dining room table.  Maybe you’re looking to protect your favourite coffee table.  Many people don’t even know why they have them, they’re just seen as an essential part of the modern dining set!  Whatever your specific reasons, there is no escaping that in reality all of these concerns and a whole lot more are taken care of when you purchase a quality set of placemats.

Jason placemats at Ciao Bella

Answer all of your dining room needs with functional yet beautiful Jason placemats from Ciao Bella.  These are some of the highest quality, most durable and hard wearing placemats available.  Jason are a New Zealand based company delivering a highly acclaimed range of dinnertime solutions and accessories to diners across the globe.  Enhance your dining room style and experience for all of your family and guests with an innovative, practical Jason placemat.

These excellent dining room pieces offer years of use and are perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful yet highly practical gift for others.  Cork backed, before being topped with hardboard, the placemat design itself and a heat protective top layer, these products really tick all of the boxes when it comes to answering any dining room or coffee table worries.

As well as looking great adorning any table and wowing guests, a Jason placemat will potentially equate to a large saving over a period of time, with no worries about stains or scratches to valuable furniture.

Jason placemats are available in a wide range of styles and colours.  Enhance the look of any room with a stylish set of placemats.  The wide variety available from Ciao Bella means that whatever the tone of your dining room or the occasion, there is a placemat design to meet your requirements.

Order yours now

Ciao Bella stock a fabulous range of Jason cork placemats designed to enhance your dining experience.  The wide range is available to order from their main website.  These fantastic products can set your mind at ease regarding furniture protection, whilst also designed for simple storage and transportation.  The mats themselves are also protected against heat and scratches, so they will retain their striking look as well as preventing damage to your table.  Jason gift boxes are available for customers purcasing one of these amazing sets as a present.

Ciao Bella Shop is a specialty brick and mortar store in northwest Michigan with a rare collection of fine products such as Jason placemats which we hope will enrich your life.

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