Keeping Cool – Get Your AC Checked Yearly

AC is just an everyday part of people’s lives in all the hottest states in the U.S. We use it in our offices, our homes, our cars and, for those rich enough, even on our airplanes! However it is vital that AC units are checked annually for a number of reasons outlined below.

Firstly you need a regular check-up of the coolant. The AC uses coolant to help lower the air temperature before it leaves the device and enters the space it is provided for. When coolant is low the AC will not cool efficiently which leads to higher electricity bills and can accelerate the erosion of your machine.

Secondly it is vital the coils and drain are regularly checked for build-up. If this does not occur then serious problems may arise with your AC and it might need replacing completely. Again you will lose efficiency and it may even result in the system freezing entirely which pretty much equals disaster. On a humid afternoon in the middle of summer this is just about the worst thing that can happen, as you will need to wait for the machine to thaw out before it can be used again. Whether at home or at the office this would not be a situation anyone would want to go through.

Checking all other components on a yearly basis to make sure your machine is running efficiently will save you deficiencies when you really need the AC. Even lose wires could affect the proper running of a unit so it is important to keep it in top condition at all times. Again, it would most likely come at the worst time and break down right at the moment when you can’t do without it!

Furthermore there are other factors that should be regularly checked in order to run AC to its maximum potential. If you live in a particularly dry and dusty climate it may be wise to get your machine serviced more frequently than every year. If this is the case the most important part to check first is your filter. As a rule these should be checked every few months and as most are not designed to be reusable they will most likely need to be replaced regularly. Filters will help ensure that the air you breathe is free of dust, dirt and airborne allergens.

You may also want to check the air ducts each year as even when using a filter as these can gather dust and get trapped, causing serious issues with your AC unit. They reduce the flow of air through the ducts which in turn limits the amount of cool air that reaches the room. Additionally they can contribute to any existing allergies and asthma conditions.

Making sure your AC units have regular routine maintenance from an industry professional is simply essential. For something that is used so regularly and within many different conditions you really cannot afford to cut corners when thinking about maintaining their working order. Without proper care and attention you run the risk of ending up with a faulty unit or, perish the thought, even worse.

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