Five Hidden Dangers in Your Bathroom

When you think of dangers in the bathroom, what are the chances that the only thing you can think of is that scene from Psycho? Like me, the only safety step you take in your bathroom is checking behind the shower curtain for axe murderers. In actual fact, the bathroom is one of the most potentially dangerous rooms in your home, with several hidden hazards you should learn to look out for. To help you out here’s 5 easy tips:

  1. Water

More often than you would like to think, a stray puddle is the cause of some pretty painful accidents, accidents which can be avoided if you use the right methods. Fit a glass door in your shower rather than a loose curtain; if you’re not careful a curtain will drip water right out onto the bathroom floor, making it slippery and pretty hazardous. To avoid slipping on wet surfaces while in the shower or bath look out for adhesive mat to assist with grip, even put some next to the shower or bath to avoid any falls while exiting. If adhesive mats just aren’t your style, some companies offer bath resurfacing to add extra grip and are just as safe.

  1. Keep an eye on those taps.

The hot water tap’s been running for a while and without thinking you step into the bath/ shower and end up getting scalded! If you’re lucky you avoid any serious injury, but it only needs to be that one time you end up with some serious burns. Being scalded is a pretty horrible experience and even worse; if you leave a serious burn untreated you could go into septic shock. This is where the untreated burn infects your organs and effectively shuts them down. Easiest way to avoid this? Check the temperature of the water before you get in! Sounds pretty simplistic, but you’d be surprised.

  1. Sharp edges

Not something you think about a lot, but just imagine! You’re going about your bathroom business when suddenly you slip a bit and go right into the sharp edge of your bathroom worktop! Ouch. Painful but easily solved, with worktop resurfacing you just sand down the edges of the counter with a bit of sandpaper, job done and you’ve saved a bundle.

  1. Glass

Broken glass is dangerous, not to mention sore! Glass shower doors usually shatter if they haven’t been fitted properly or if they’ve been made with tempered glass. The good thing about tempered glass though is that if it does shatter, it goes into lots of little pieces rather than a large, sharp one. Always make sure the door is properly fitted, check for cracks in the glass and consider replacing it if it is quite old.

  1. Mildew

Do you have gross mold growing on the faucets and showerheads? Not only is this build up look really unhygienic but if left alone it can store bacteria and other nasty parasites. Easiest thing to do? Clean off the disinfect your taps and showerheads with bleach and strong cleaning supplies, and make sure to turn the fan on in the bathroom to get rid of the moisture in the air as mold tends to grow in warm and wet environments. 

Cripsin Jones works for Principal Homebuyers as their content creator  – both on and off their site – he enjoys blogging about anything to do with homes and DIY. An avid DIY’er himself he is currently renovating his third property.