5 Budget-Friendly Decoration Ideas

Decorating is a great way to add more personality to your home. It is something fun to do occasionally to also make sure your house has a right seasonal feel. The downside to decorating is often the cost.

The ideas on design magazines often come at a high price and can quickly make you think that decorating isn’t good for the budget conscious. But the good news is that there are many simple ways you can decorate without breaking the budget.

Here are five clever budget-friendly ideas you could consider.

1. Brush It With Paint

One of the easiest and often cheapest ways of adding new life to your items is by painting them. If you have a few half empty paint cans left you can quickly transform a few wooden frames or boxes and use them as decorative elements.

Naturally you can buy paints as well and there are often cheap cans available. Repainting chairs and tables is often much cheaper way to renew your décor than purchasing new furniture.

2. Bookends For Wall Décor

Something that can really create an eye catcher in the room is by using your old bookends for a new purpose. By screwing a bookend on the wall you can use it as a rest for a pile of books creating a standalone bookshelf.

You can even use one for holding up vases or other decorative items. This could work really well in a hallway or staircase, for example. In a staircase it could be a nice way of storing candles or lights.

3. Create A Notice Board

Having a notice board at the entrance or in the kitchen can be a great way to remember what to buy from the shop or what that day’s timetable is all about. Buying those readymade notice boards can end up costing money.

Making your own isn’t only a good way to save money but it also adds quirkiness to your room.

Buy a piece of chalkboard or collect your old wooden wine corks. If you go with the chalkboard you can frame it with an old picture frame to add a nice finishing touch. The corks you can glue onto a frame as well and then just pin down notes to the board.

4. Use Your Own Images As Art

You probably have a lot of great family or holiday photos that would make a great decorative element on the wall. Instead of buying expensive artwork and paintings you could put these images into use.

Naturally, you can create a large picture frame collage with your photos but there are alternative options as well. You could print your picture onto a canvas and use it as a large wall décor piece. You can find cheap canvas prints on the internet, for example at Wall Art.

5. New Life With Old Fabrics

You can also add a lot of new life to your items by using old fabrics. You could even find some cheap pieces of fabric in charity and second-hand shops if you want to spend some money.

For instance, if you have simple wooden or metal chairs in the dining room you can make your own chair covers from old fabrics. There are a lot of great tips at UK TV, for example.

Hannah is all about finding clever ways to save money by doing things on your own. She likes to cook and bake and has recently started knitting. She would like to learn more about sewing as well so that she could start making her own clothes.